Monday, February 2, 2015

Washington Heights Move-in Week-end

After a year and a half in an apartment in New York's financial district, a move was in the cards.  The apartments were going to be renovated, and Chelsea and Jenna were told they must move out.  They could continue to live in the building, but for a higher rent.  Well, the rent was already the equivalent of most people's mortgage, so when the time came, they set out to find another apartment.  Long story short, Washington Heights was the chosen area--a lot of struggling artists in this neighborhood--and the apartment was somewhat bigger with a much less expensive price tag.  

Sooo, off we went to New York to help her move.  Now, some have said, she's 25, she can do it herself. And yes she can; however, I have so few opportunities to help her now that she's so far away, that I feel fortunate that hubby and I could go to help.  We arrived and they had packed up quite a bit, so it was a few nights of stepping over boxes to get in and out of bed.  The next day we headed off to the new place, and after parking illegally on the street, we unpacked what we had brought and proceeded to paint.  We got three-fourths of the room done and ran out of paint.  What to do?  I had brought the paint from the paint store at home.  We also discovered that even though the small kitchen had been re-done, there was no drawer.  So after a Google search, we headed to the subway to find a store that carried the right kind of paint and to find a utensil caddy.  After all that shopping, we were exhausted and ready to relax with a glass of wine and dinner.  

The next day was her show, so not much was accomplished, but this was the highlight of our trip.  She sang two songs with other accomplished young talent, and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of her friends and, of course, hearing her sing.  While we were there, we heard that a snowstorm was headed our way, with up to 2 feet of snow.  Wow.  Movers were coming the next day.  We had to move the car. Geez, not such great timing.  But we proceeded and moved in blizzard conditions.

Moving in a snowstorm?  Not so much fun!
The living room was the catch-all during move-in day.
Living room after... floors were so pretty!
Window wall was painted a dark, charcoal gray.  Did you  notice the sconces have no candles?  They were there, but radiator below sort of melted them down.  Battery operated taper candles will go there instead!
Aaron Michael Krueger and Chelsea Moss sang "Little Red Hat" from 110 in the Shade.

And, if you are interested, here she is singing her solo, Much More from The Fantasticks.

A few pointers if you are from out of town and moving in New York:

 Expect no where to park.  Tip profusely to attendants in lots and garages to allow you to park if they refuse. We could have stayed in a nice hotel in the south for several days for what we paid in parking.  

If painting, buy more paint than you think you'll need.  It takes awhile to find the store, buy the paint, and get back.  

Try to move the small stuff and boxes yourself.  Movers charged per box, and everything had to be in a box, or it wasn't moved.

Back to parking.  If you do park illegally in front of your building, leave your flashers on and have someone stay with the car.  The ticket lady was very sweet when she was informed that we were moving our daughter and did not issue us a ticket.

Have fun!  Take breaks and get outside, even in cold weather.  We had a glass of wine and enjoyed being with each other.  It can be stressful, so remember to eat healthy, and relax.

For more pictures of the "new" apartment, go to !

That's it, for now!  Stay tuned for more adventures!

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